Calvin Aitkinson:
Acting is something I've always fancied doing, but didn't feel conifident about applying for a full-time drama course. I found out about Act Out through the Gumtree website and have been attending since November 2007. I did my first ever play with Act Out. I am now doing the NC Performing Arts course at Telford College.

Kelly Murphy:
Since I started coming to Act Out
about a year ago, I've learnt a lot about acting and I've been
challenged to explore different ways of doing things rather than the
first idea that pops in your head. The classes and the production we
put on have given me an opportunity to do something I've never done
before and have provided me with the support I needed to do that. It's
been great.

Helen Bradley:
Act Out is my first foray into acting, and I've learnt a great deal - improvisation and devloping characters, learning to work effectively with other actors in a cast. It's worked wonders for my imagination and confidence, as well as making a genuine acting enthusiast out of me! And I've make some great friends.

Keiran Ure:
I joined Act Out last year after a break of 5 years' from acting. It has been an amazing experience in terms of the workshops that we have done which have involved a lot more improvisation work than I have ever done before and which I have found very rewarding in terms of development. It has also meant that I have met a group of truly lovely people who have all shown remarkable dedication, enthusiasm and talent particularly when it came to putting on the production of 'Road'. I feel I have gained confidence both personally and as an actor through 'Act Out' in a warm and supportive environment.

Debbie Foster:
Dear Michael,
I am writing to let you know that I've been accepted into Motherwell College this year to study a HNC/D in Acting and Performance. Thank you so much for all the help and guidance you gave me. If it wasn't for your classes I wouldn't have had the confidence
nor the encouragement to succeed in my auditions.
Thank you, All the best, Debbie Foster.